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Project Manager
£39,383.76 SALARY
The employee will be expected to have good knowledge and experience of the following: Domestic and commercial pipe fitting, heating and ventilation, gas, drainage, hot and chilled water systems, and sanitary installs.
Skills and Qualifications
• Must have valid CSCS Card • Be able to interpret blueprints • Be able to supervise other members of staff on site • Be organized and be able to liaise with other contractors well • Have good knowledge of how to install pipework, sanitaryware, heating and air-conditioning systems, including water heaters • Have good knowledge of plumbing materials  • Have good knowledge of testing pipework systems • Have good knowledge of health and safety standards
Job Description
• Interprets blueprints and building specifications to map layout for pipes drainage systems, and other plumbing materials  • Plans work schedules for construction projects based on project programme • Supervises and can Install pipes and fixtures, such as sinks and toilets, for water, gas, steam, air, or other liquids  • Supervises and can Install supports for pipes, equipment, and fixtures prior to installation  • Ensures correct assembly of fittings and valves for installation  • Ensure correct Modifications of length of pipes, fixtures, and other plumbing materials as needed for a building  • Supervises and can Install heating and air-conditioning systems, including water heaters  • Collaborates with contractors, construction workers, electricians, pipefitters, and steamfitters in installing and repairing plumbing  • Supervises and can test plumbing systems for leaks and other problems • Regularly inspects and monitors progress and quality of work, ensures legal requirements are met • Analyses problems and identifies defects in work and proposes appropriate tools, materials, and action for correction.  • Chooses plumbing materials based on budget, location, and intended uses of building  • Follows health and safety standards and complies with building codes  • Writes report documenting any problems and summary of actions taken, records, monitors, and reports progress. • Prepares bids and schedules • May supervise site staff, and oversee other workers, such as apprentices and helpers. • Establishes temporary site offices and takes delivery of materials • Briefs project team, contractors, and suppliers. • Assembles information for valuations and invoicing at interim periods and at the end of projects
Employee will be based in Central London but may be required to travel throughout the country.
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ADVERT START DATE 18/06/2020    ADVERT END DATE 18/07/2020

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